Wealth management for individuals, families, trusts, foundations & endowments.

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Comprehensive wealth management for a single fee on investable assets with a focus on Investment Management, Financial Planning, and Family Wealth Transfer.

asset allocation

Asset Allocation

Develop a personalized investment management strategy with the proper asset allocation and product choices.

risk assessment

Risk Assessment

Determine risk tolerance to create a comprehensive financial and investment plan that fulfills long-term needs.

liquidity needs

Liquidity Needs

Coordinate financial and investment plan to meet currrent and future cash needs.

retirement planning

Retirement Planning

Review various scenarios to test the ability of the financial plan to reach long-term income requirements.

Insurance Analysis

Insurance Analysis

Provide an unbiased in-depth analysis of insurance needs and coverages.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Review all financial matters to minimize long-run tax liabilities.

Closely-Held Business Issues

Closely-Held Business Issues

Integrate the business into the comprehensive financial analysis both as an asset and for possible benefits.

Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving

Optimize giving for the benefit of charities while utilizing tax advantages.

Education Saving

Education Saving

Recommend the most cost-effective and successful strategies of setting aside funds for college.


We are an employee-owned firm whose mission is to be fully responsible to the individuals, families, and foundations who seek our advice and use our services. Their interests are paramount.


We have a depth of talent and experience in making investment decisions over many economic cycles. We use rigorous methods for manager selection including site visits and third-party interviews.


We conduct a complete and ongoing analysis of all financial aspects (including non-investment assets) for each client, with recommendations for all areas and consultations at any time.


We charge a single fee on investable assets which is our only source of revenue. This gives us the incentive to work in the best interest of our clients to reduce investment product costs, trading fees, and taxes.


We have years of expertise in identifying and managing private investments with long-term returns that are not correlated directly to the public markets.

Todd Krieg

Todd Krieg, CFA, Founder

  • Chairman and CEO
  • 26 years of investment experience
  • Reinhart Partners - President and CIO
  • US Bancorp - Lead Manager Mid Cap Growth Fund
  • Williams College - BA
  • Georgetown University - JD
Matt D'Attilio

Matt D’Attilio, CFA, Founder

  • President and CIO
  • 25 years of investment experience
  • Reinhart Partners - Portfolio Manager
  • US Bancorp - Co-Manager Mid Cap Growth Fund
  • Bowdoin College - BA
Bill Wernecke

Bill Wernecke, Founder

  • Director, Wealth Management Services
  • 8 years of investment experience
  • Reinhart Partners - Director Of Wealth Mgt Services
  • Cedarburg Lumber - President and CEO
  • Stanford University - BA
  • Northwestern University - MBA
Jon Hayes

Jon Hayes

  • Director of Pro Sports Practice
  • 30 years of investment experience
  • Reinhart Partners - Dir. Of Pro Sports
  • US Bancorp - VP and Managing Director
  • Earlham College - BA
  • Univ. of Notre Dame - MBA
Kathy Wohlt

Kathy Wohlt

  • Director of Client Service
  • 19 years of investment experience
  • Reinhart Partners – Director of Client Service
  • US Bancorp - Client Relations
  • Univ. of Minnesota - BA
  • Univ. of Wisconsin/Milwaukee - MBA
Jolie Keller

Jolie Keller, CFA

  • Director of Investment Research
  • 30 years of investment experience
  • Reinhart Partners - Director of Investment Research
  • Capital Market Consultants - Sr. Investment Analyst
  • Silverhawk Capital Management - Portfolio Mgr
Matt Haas

Matt Haas, CPA, CFP

  • COO and Wealth Advisor
  • 7 years of investment experience
  • BDF – Sr. Advisor
  • RSM McGladrey - Supervisor
  • Univ. of Illinois - BS
John Kennedy

John Kennedy

  • Wealth Advisor
  • 30 years of investment experience
  • Baird – Managing Director
  • Duff & Phelps / Northern Trust
  • Univ. of Notre Dame – BA
  • Northwestern University – MBA
Brian Leadley

Brian Leadley, CFA, CPA

  • Wealth Advisor
  • 12 years of investment experience
  • Ernst & Young – Private Client Services Manager
  • Gary Comer Inc – Senior Accountant
  • Winona State University - BS

For more information, contact Bill Wernecke, Director of Wealth Management Services.

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